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Article: Capturing the Magic: Trends in Indian Wedding Photography

Capturing the Magic: Trends in Indian Wedding Photography

Your wedding day is a canvas waiting to be decorated with vibrant colors, intricate details and unforgettable moments. As you plan your magical day, keep these photography trends in mind. They will make your Indian wedding photos shine:

Color Me Crazy

Indian weddings are famous for their stunning array of incredible colors that make them so unique. Photographers are now using flash photography techniques and presets to capture this vibrancy. These presets enhance the already stunning colors, like applying filters to Instagram photos. To make sure your wedding photos reflect the joy and celebration of your day, work closely with your photographer to choose the perfect presets.

Drones are the future

Drone photography has taken off (literally!) at Indian wedding ceremonies. With large crowds, it is difficult to capture all the guests. Drones offer a unique bird's eye view that allows for wide angle shots that include everyone. Imagine aerial shots of your wedding rituals, a perspective that traditional cameras can't achieve. It's a trend that will add excitement and uniqueness to your wedding album.

The devil is in the detail

While the main events may get all the attention, don't forget the little details that make your wedding special. Close-ups of jeweler, henna, shoes and bouquets tell a story. These seemingly small elements have sentimental value and deserve their moment in the spotlight. So let your photographer capture these exquisite details: the intricate patterns of your mehndi, the sparkle of your earrings and the delicate petals of your bouquet.

Remember, your wedding photos are timeless treasures. Choose a photographer who understands your vision and can weave these trends into a beautiful canvas that reflects your love story. 📸💕


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