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Article: 5 Tips for using your phone to take photos you want to print.

5 Tips for using your phone to take photos you want to print.

Here are some tips and tricks for using your phone to take photos that you can print one day.

Mobile phone cameras are getting better all the time, with more features and more megapixels - perfect for making prints.

The problem is with mobile apps. Apps are not designed to work with large files. So the first thing any app has to do is compress the file in order to work.

You can take amazing pictures with your phone if the lighting is good. Literally, it all depends on the lighting. Photos taken with a mobile phone's camera at night or in sub-optimal lighting conditions do not look great. The main problem is lack of sharpness, which varies according to the light (amount, direction, etc.). Think about creating something more abstract on the artistic side rather than a detailed image.

 1. Using the panoramic feature in daylight to shoot a panoramic photo of say the Grand Canyon will yield an excellent large, detailed print, easily as large as 72” wide x 36” or larger.

 2. From time to time the camera’s software will miss “stitching “(photography lingo for joining multiple images together seamlessly to create one large image) at the seams. We can take care of this for you if you select our “basic retouching” 

3. Another tip is to avoid what’s called “camera shake”. With camera phones it’s also a result of incorrect shutter settings. Basically, if you’re shooting something in motion or moving (on a boat say) select the settings for action photography or similar. You’re looking for a faster shutter speed while ensuring that the phone is held in place. Use a tripod if available.

 4. If you download a photo from, say Instagram or the internet in general it is a significantly compressed file and not suitable for making prints of though it’s perfect for sharing on social media platforms. 

 5. Key Points:

  • Natural light is the best.
  • Select the appropriate settings and hold the camera steady.
  • Don’t use any filters.

Plus: Edits for printing should only be done by a professional to ensure that proper resolution is maintained.

We guide you through the entire process and offer photo retouching services to remove blemishes and enhance your image if needed.

 These are the basic things that if done, we can turn into one of kind, high quality, life lasting, beautiful canvases.

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